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I like balloons. Grizzly Bear. Music. Food. Sports. And food. Y'all can call me the comeback kid.

#downey #losangeles #civic #honda #repost help my boy Danny out if anyone sees anything  #562

#downey #losangeles #civic #honda #repost help my boy Danny out if anyone sees anything #562

Wildcate! Wildcat! is definitely a band to keep your eye on. I have been following these guys for nearly 2 years and it was all thanks to This website sells indie band merchandise and is doing really well with helping newly signed bands into getting their music exposed. One thing I would recommend people to do is to check out their email list and sign up for their mp3 of the week where they send you a free song to download from a band you’ve probably never heard of and for the most part you find gems like ‘Mr. Quiche.’ This song brings out a lot of emotion and the production is impeccable. This song was originally shorter than this current video, but as you can see the band had a lot of fun with this song in post-production as they mix their loops, add on harmonies, and bring in one final punch to close the song. Definitely a song I find myself constantly going back to.

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